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27 Nov

The return of Fanny Pack

Take yourself to some 15-20 years back in time and you will remember your dad carrying Fanny packs on all your Holidays and Vacations. Come 2018, this bag has made a major comeback on the street style circuit and fashion elites. I never got to wear this bag, neither during my childhood nor while growing up and developing a fashion sense. That is because I never found it appealing enough. It...
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20 Nov

Flared denims & Bucket bag

I love my Skinny jeans. They make me feel so cosy and comfortable :D . But I wanted something new to wear as Denims, something that gives a fresh look to my outfit and creates a more dressy feel. I was bored of wearing the same Skinny Denims every Friday to work. So, when the Flared Denims trend was catching up on the International circuit, I decided to try them out &...
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