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7 Sep

Summer whites

It was a cloudy day in July afternoon & I was sitting with my MOM browsing through food recipes. I was on a vacation at my home town to celebrate my birthday with my parents, leaving my husband alone back in Mumbai, so sad :( . Office does not allow us to travel as much as we wish to so I decided to travel alone & it was almost after 10 years that I...
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15 Jul

Rebel child

Distressed clothing is not new to fashion. Almost all of us have done a DIY to make distressed denims at home. We have ripped them at knees & thighs, at times with holes of size bigger than the Denim itself :P . When it comes to fashion, I love to read about the source of a trend and how it originated. Let's dig into a little history of denims & their distressed form :) . The first blue...
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7 Jul

Summer essential Maxi dress

July is my birthday month and birthdays are some real tough time for husbands :P . Arranging super awesome surprises is the least to mention. What better could you ask for than getting a surprise vacation planned to your favorite holiday destination :D . I love vacationing in Goa. The long drives on the narrow roads with lush greenery around, the amazing food, watching  the sunset at beaches and jewelry shopping are a few to say. While...
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