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Music I Love

I love Bollywood Music and I also love listening to UK top 40 chart but when it comes to a genre that I can listen to anytime, anywhere and never get bored of it, it is always Progressive House. Listening to it gets me in the mood of getting things done. I can always rely on it to bring me back in the swing of things.

Progressive House is the kind of music where the beats are repetitive and the tempo is like a wave, goes up and down. There are no lyrics which is a boon as there is no distraction from the music. It is just about multiple instruments that are played in progression and the beats repeat. The listener is left to interpret the music in their own way. What sounds soothing to me may sound Bubbly to you.

I am plugged into it on my way to work, in the gym and whenever I am travelling, long or short distance. Listening to these tracks brings back a-lot of memories :) .

Here are a few of my current favorite tracks that I am currently hooked to.




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