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1 Jun

Concert ready

After 10 long years in Bombay, where women are generally in Denims (gotta catch a train :P ), I am still fascinated with matching Indian outfits & accessories with western apparels. Its just one of those Delhi things. Long skirts & tank tops are a perfect match when it comes to an Indo-Western mix. A personal bias towards black has made half my wardrobe monochromatic. The freedom of being able to style a black outfit in multiple ways is priceless. The tank top is...
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9 May

Exaggerated sleeves – Will you give this trend a try

So basically Designers have exhausted every outfit detail that they could work on to create a trend. They have played well with hemlines, necklines, shoulder, high waist & low waist, while  the trend meter has to keep running  to satisfy our thirst for something new. This brings with it few styles that do not look practical enough in real life though they look super cool on the ramp. Exaggerated or Extra long sleeves...
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14 Nov

My Travel bag essentials

Do you make a checklist before heading out. If yes then you are going to find this video very helpful. And those who don't, well it might be time you got started :P We overload our designer hand bags and stuff them in corners possible, just to lose them in the endless abyss of our bags. Hence packing Travel bag thoughtfully is essential. It helps keeping all the products you may or "may not" need while travelling...
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15 Oct

Quick tips for a perfect picture

Being photogenic is something every fashionista yearns for. We click pictures all day long, we click them at work, in washrooms, in trains, on trips,at outings with friends and family. We click 10 pictures for the same shot. But why is it that only one out of these ten pictures is worth sharing. Why is it that something or the other is wrong with 9 of these pictures? So I googled a...
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20 Feb

Summer Scarves

There are a few things that are a must in a girl's bag. Like a lip gloss and a kohl pencil, scarves are the essentials for every girl on the Go. Add a splash of color to your plane outfit by tying a scarf around the neck. Tie it on your shoulder bag to make a statement. Use it as a head wear to prevent hair. Not just the Classic,...
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