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Author: lookceleb

4 Aug

Dungarees or Overalls

Another 1970's trend back in fashion is Dungarees or Overalls. They come in half as well as full in length, distressed or regular. You can wear them with a white or a black tea(Sleeveless/ Full sleeve) and match them with a pair of high heels for adding a touch of sophistication. Match them with Sneakers for a perfect Casual look. Thought there is no set rule to wear Overalls, try out different styles...
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20 Feb

Summer Scarves

There are a few things that are a must in a girl's bag. Like a lip gloss and a kohl pencil, scarves are the essentials for every girl on the Go. Add a splash of color to your plane outfit by tying a scarf around the neck. Tie it on your shoulder bag to make a statement. Use it as a head wear to prevent hair. Not just the Classic,...
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16 Feb


Pull out your Sneakers and shake off the dust. Sneakers being back in Fashion, pair them with any dress you want and see yourself transform. This is my favorite ongoing trend that I have easily been able to adapt. Comfy to walk around or Run if you are in a rush. I love to match them with my Zara Skinny Denims and a Loose Top. You can also wear them on...
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16 Feb

Holy Crops

Crop tops have been topping the Trend Charts ever since their arrival in Spring 2014. They seem to have creeped into our wardrobe in many forms, from revealing an inch to the entire midriff.  Don’t worry if you are a little too fleshy around the waist. They have a style for you as well. For those who burn hours in the Gym or Pilates, Crop tops are the badge of...
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