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Author: lookceleb

4 Feb

Your order is on its way!

We girls love to shop online be it Clothes, footwear, groceries or all day to day things we need. But there is nothing like a Fashion shopping order arriving. The saga starts with casual browsing and adding things to the "Wishlist" while sitting in your office cubicle or maybe commuting to work. Shopping today has no specific time window. It is like breathing, happens subconsciously. We see something that we liked...
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3 Feb

A perfect Basic Wardrobe

Basic Wardrobe
You saw a stunning sequin top in the store and felt an instant urge to buy it. The color, the brightness, and the sequin on the top all looked so beautiful until the reality struck. Unique pieces are always difficult to style. Though they look extraordinary from far, let's accept the limited no of ways you can style them. But I have a solution here to offer that I have learned...
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20 Jan

Work it

2020-01-20 02.56.48 1
I wish someone had enlightened me a little earlier in my career about the importance & versatility of Blazers.  Getting dressed for work has never been this easy. Better late than never, I am compensating for all the years lost when I had no Blazers with now having 5 of them :) .  But I am not here today to share my guilty pleasure.  I just quickly want to share...
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27 Nov

The return of Fanny Pack

Take yourself to some 15-20 years back in time and you will remember your dad carrying Fanny packs on all your Holidays and Vacations. Come 2018, this bag has made a major comeback on the street style circuit and fashion elites. I never got to wear this bag, neither during my childhood nor while growing up and developing a fashion sense. That is because I never found it appealing enough. It...
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13 Nov

Evening shades

If there is one item that I have to pick as my "Go to" accessory, it will always be Sunglasses. I can go without wearing Jewellery but not without Sun glasses :) . Be it weekend outings or Holidays, Shades are always there to complete my look. Which is why just having one pair of them in my wardrobe is not enough, right! I am completely on-board with the idea of wearing Branded Shades, after...
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1 Sep

What I Wore in Italy

Ciao guys :) I am super excited to write this post as it is about our vacation to Italy :). We have just returned to Bombay with a good European tan and lots n lots of lovely memories. I had prior booked AirBnBs in all the cities we were visiting and finalized outfits for each day we spent there. I wanted all my pictures to look perfect which is why I started planning way in advance...
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27 Jan

Ankle boots

I am on cloud 9 since yesterday. Ask why? And here is my long answer :) that's because I finally got to buy the Ankle boots of my dreams. There was a specific style on my mind since more than a year. I checked countless ankle boots on countless different websites but nowhere could I find that perfect style, exactly as I was looking for. Let me tell you why it was so difficult...
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29 Oct

Lacy Blue

Finally! Some color on my website carousal! While browsing through my website I realized I have just been wearing Black, something with black or a shade of black and more black :P I admit I am a person who relies on black quite often but that was kind of becoming my comfort zone and I was, metaphorically speaking, becoming a lazy-ass. So, with so much of black surrounding me and...
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30 Sep

Basic again

These pictures were taken last week when I & Parag decided to visit Jehangir Art gallery in south Bombay near Kala Ghoda. It is a very old art gallery where artists from across India showcase their work. It is a delight to visit this place & hours pass by without you even realizing. That's because, there is so much to see and observe in every single art work. It is like getting lost...
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