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4 Feb

Your order is on its way!


We girls love to shop online be it Clothes, footwear, groceries or all day to day things we need. But there is nothing like a Fashion shopping order arriving.

The saga starts with casual browsing and adding things to the “Wishlist” while sitting in your office cubicle or maybe commuting to work. Shopping today has no specific time window. It is like breathing, happens subconsciously. We see something that we liked on someone and it is added to our virtual wishlist.

Hitting the “Place order” button hardly takes a second thought and with this “Your order is placed“. With it starts the nerve-wracking but equally exciting wait for the order to arrive. The delivery guys are our best friends as they secretly know all our guilty pleasures. There are days when the same delivery guy has delivered 3 packages to me, all from different websites. Guilty as charged but no regrets. I offer him a friendly hello now and behave as if I am in the Clothing business and the orders are all for work-related stuff 😛 . Raise your hands if you are one of those who check the delivery status twice in a day. I have to admit here I do it in the middle of the night even, in-between nature call. I don’t want to miss in case I am not in office or I don’t have the required money in my wallet. I want to be ready and receive the order with open arms :) .

For me, receiving the order is like receiving an exam result.  I at times have gone to the washroom to unbox the order. The full-day wait of arriving home and unboxing is not something I am good at. I need to do it right now and the ladies’ room is the only place.

And with it comes the Moment of truth. You take out the dress and try it on. Did it work? or its a Return? Do you love it or do you Hate it? A quick look in the mirror in the washroom and few selfies clicked and sent to the close girlfriend’s WhatsApp group and your verdict is passed. If it is a keeper, it goes in the wardrobe and you feel all excited and jubilated. You have imagined the no of ways you are going to wear it. You have already thought of all the compliments it will fetch you. You have already imagined yourself looking all sexy and so thin in it. If it does not fall in the “Keeper” category, it either just sits in your wardrobe ignored and left out or it just goes back to where it came from.

Throughout this cycle of purchase, we hardly give a thought to how useful that item is to our wardrobe, the no of times we are going to wear it, the cost per wear and if it is unique or just another piece to our wardrobe. There is no denying to the immense pleasure we get in receiving a perfect fitting dress but do we think about the no of times we just keep an outfit, just because we are not sure or maybe the prospect of fitting into it someday.

So my approach to online shopping has changed over the years. Earlier, I would just buy things I saw on someone else and imagine them to be looking the same on me. But now, I know my likenesses, what cuts work on my body and what doesn’t. What is just a trend and will pass soon or what is a classic and will last maybe for years. And with this mental list ready, online shopping for me has become a very clean and sharp method. I know what colors work for me. I know the patterns that I flatter my body type. Before buying a clothing item, I match it virtually with the other pieces in my wardrobe. With this, my online shopping experiences have become more refined and the success rate has also improved. Plus my impulse to shop has got under a leash now. I still do keep adding things to my Favorite list but before placing an order I always sleep over it. Leave it for a minimum of 4 to 5 days and keep going back to the list to see if I still like it. The mantra is If you give it enough thinking, you can rule out many bad purchases.

And Above all,  one rule that works the best for me is “Will I be able to wear it tomorrow”. If the answer is yes, go ahead. 

Below is a ready reckoner that I have prepared, that has saved me from many outrageous purchases. Enjoy and Happy Shopping ladies :)

  • Find out the colors that compliment your skin tone.
  • Find out the patterns that suit your body type.
  • Find out the shapes and silhouettes that make you feel comfortable.
  • Match the piece of purchase with your other wardrobe pieces and check if it goes with at least a few of them.
  • Sleepover your decision and spend at least 4 to 5 days before purchasing.
  • Never leave it to be worn in some part of your future. It has to be tomorrow. If you cant wear it tomorrow, don’t buy it.


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  • Satya Naidu

    I agree we do fall for impulsive shopping without realizing whether we want it. Also, nothing beat the pleasure of unboxing. I would like to hear more about fast fashion and its impact on the environment, which is a major concern. Smart shopping is something and thoughtful purchase goes a long way.

    February 4, 2020 at 7:20 am Reply

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