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3 Feb

A perfect Basic Wardrobe

Basic Wardrobe

You saw a stunning sequin top in the store and felt an instant urge to buy it. The color, the brightness, and the sequin on the top all looked so beautiful until the reality struck. Unique pieces are always difficult to style. Though they look extraordinary from far, let’s accept the limited no of ways you can style them. But I have a solution here to offer that I have learned over years of buying many such chic and unique pieces and letting them sit in the back of my wardrobe.  And the mantra is “Match the unique piece with a basic wardrobe piece and let it shine”. Always have only one Hero piece in your look. For example, if your top is the one that takes the attention, pair it with something basic at the bottom. The same goes for attractive bottom wear. Let’s say a floral pair of trousers. See how it works well with a basic white or a black tee.  This brings us to my point that is having a strong basic wardrobe is very essential. It is like your safety net and you can rely on it to cover for all your fancy wardrobe purchases.

1. What is a Basic wardrobe?

A basic wardrobe consists of clothing items that can easily be mixed and matched with not so basic pieces of your wardrobe. They can also be matched with each other and create multiple looks. They are versatile and are often the most worn items in your wardrobe. They can easily be styled and are not trendy but more of classic chic.

2. Items in the basic wardrobe?

Black and White T-Shirt in round/v neck

Black & white top in full sleeves in the round neck

White button-down shirt

A striped t-shirt

Black tailored trousers

Little Black dress or a Black bodycon

A tailored well fitted Blazer – in Beige or grey or houndstooth print

A denim shirt/Jacket

Black pencil skirt

Black well-tailored trousers

Black leggings

A denim skirt

Heels in Black and White

Flat shoes in black and white

A pair of party wear sandals either in black or red

Sneakers in white or black

A formal structured bag preferably in Black or Tan.

A red or white crossbody bag.

A backpack

Some bling in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and hoops. Keep a few but have them.

3. How to use the items from the basic wardrobe?

Match your “not so basic” OR “Trendy” pieces with basic and create easy outgoing looks.

You can rely on your basic wardrobe items to help you style not so basic and sometimes trendy pieces. For example, a funky blazer. Style it with a plain black or white Tee underneath and black trousers and see how easy it is to create the look. Or you have a funky top and you are not sure what to style it with. You can pull out your trusted Blue denim and add a pair of black or white heels and see it work like magic.

Check out this Sequin Jacket paired with plain black trousers

Check out this Sequin Dress paired with black strappy sandals.


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