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20 Jan

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I wish someone had enlightened me a little earlier in my career about the importance & versatility of Blazers.  Getting dressed for work has never been this easy. Better late than never, I am compensating for all the years lost when I had no Blazers with now having 5 of them :) .  But I am not here today to share my guilty pleasure.  I just quickly want to share how Blazers have changed my work life and made it so easy to dress up for meetings and important professional events.  Wearing a Blazer gives an instant confidence boost. Have a blazer in a neutral color, either black or grey or beige/oat milk color, either plane or in a pattern. But don’t go too crazy with the pattern. Keep it simple and classy. Go for small checks rather than big ones.  Pick the right length. Don’t go for a short one. Go for a classic style, something that you can wear for a long time. Lengthwise, I would suggest to keep it a little conservative, something that comes to mid-hip length. It really gets so easy to get dressed for meetings. All I have to do is throw a blazer on my formal outfits.  Works so well with all my trousers and skirt. It works great for Fridays as well. Try it on with all types of denim and Viola. I generally keep one in my office, for those unplanned meetings.

I make sure that I wear a full sleeve top underneath so that the sleeves peek out. That is just a small detail to remember. To finish the look, just add some gold jewelry here and there like a gold neckpiece or gold hoops. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry and let the Blazer be the hero piece.

Here are a few images that I am sharing for visual reference. Mine is from H&M from their fall-winter 2019- 2020 collection. For Blazers, ZARA Mango and H&M are the brands you can check out.


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