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16 Dec

Cracking that Perfect Denim Jacket


We all need a Denim jacket in our Wardrobe. Let’s just accept this fact and move on with our lives, shall we? When an item is of utter importance in our wardrobe why not put in some time and some extra money to get that perfect piece that gets “Wow” in every wear.

After years of my hunt for this wardrobe classic and spending my precious money on the ones I met and bought on the way, I finally found the one that is a Match made in heaven for me :) .

Let us define a perfect denim jacket now. A perfect Denim jacket is the one that meets the following criteria:

1. The color compliments your skin tone. Don’t go for too dark shades. Play around with lighter or slightly dark shades of blue. Black & white are to be bought only after you have a Perfect Blue in your wardrobe. They are “good to have” but not essential.

2. Well fitted and structured around your shoulders to get that perfect Silhouette.

3. Big NO to any kind of Distress or Washed look. You will get bored very soon. Trends don’t last too long. Invest in a look that lasts forever.

4.  Get a Denim jacket that has the right amount of oversize look on you.  It should not be too loose that you get swamped in it. Try to go a size above your Top size.

5. It cannot be body-hugging at all. A denim jacket is a layering piece. Allow someplace for a top or a jumper underneath.

6.  It should be of the perfect length to end right on your buttocks. Anything that ends at your waistline highlights your waist(unless you really want to show it).  Anything that ends below the butt looks like a cape.

And Viola! You have your perfect Denim jacket here :) . Let’s just say the journey is the same as to date a few boys before you finally find your soul mate.

I got my first denim jacket from ONLY and second from ZARA but was still waiting for the right one. Finally found this soulmate at Westside. At times, the brands you expect the least give you your favorite pieces, the ones you end up wearing again and again. So keep looking. You never know!

I hope with this post you get an idea of what all to consider before you buy a Denim jacket. Good luck!



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