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27 Nov

The return of Fanny Pack


Take yourself to some 15-20 years back in time and you will remember your dad carrying Fanny packs on all your Holidays and Vacations. Come 2018, this bag has made a major comeback on the street style circuit and fashion elites.

I never got to wear this bag, neither during my childhood nor while growing up and developing a fashion sense. That is because I never found it appealing enough. It was just a bag for Dads and Moms on vacations 😛 . But the new Avatar of this “Dad bag” is giving me major Cool vibes. That is because the way you hold your bag says a-lot about your personality.  The fanny pack with its “No fuss” Look says that I am a girl with a minimalist lifestyle and I just need my lipstick, mascara, keys and my phone in my bag and I can carry on with my life :) .

Call it by any of its popular names( Bum bag, Waist bag or Belt bag), it is worn mainly in two ways- 1. Around the waist OR 2. Across the shoulders.

To be honest, I am finding this trend very appealing, specially when worn across the shoulders. I have always loved trying out outfits that add a little masculine touch to the look. This bag, when worn across the shoulders, gives the “when feminine meets masculine” vibes that I have been looking for. Also, the bag makes so much sense in the current times when the generation is more focused on self love and self care. The bag says out loudly that “I am more interested in experience and adventure and not carrying a heavy bag full of items I will never need”.

Fanny Packs saw a resurgence in 2017 when Louis Vuitton collaborated with Supreme and came out with Fanny packs that became a huge rage. From there, it has just picked up on the popularity. Other Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada and High street stores like ZARA and H&M came out with multiple variations of this style. It is now one of the top trends of 2018 and does not look like it will fade soon.

I got mine from H&M and it is Gucci belt bag look alike. The fabric is velvet and the belt is polyester. Similar style bags are available on ZARA and H&M too. You can also check out ASOS if you want to look at a variety of options.

LookCeleb_FannyPack1 LookCeleb_FannyPack2

LookCeleb_FannyPack4 LookCeleb_FannyPack8 LookCeleb_FannyPack6 LookCeleb_FannyPack3

LookCeleb_FannyPack13 LookCeleb_FannyPack12_edited LookCeleb_FannyPack11 LookCeleb_FannyPack9


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