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13 Nov

Evening shades


If there is one item that I have to pick as my “Go to” accessory, it will always be Sunglasses. I can go without wearing Jewellery but not without Sun glasses :) . Be it weekend outings or Holidays, Shades are always there to complete my look. Which is why just having one pair of them in my wardrobe is not enough, right!

I am completely on-board with the idea of wearing Branded Shades, after all they are protecting our eyes. But your wardrobe cannot be complete with just a single pair of sun glasses. Below are the types of shades that are a must have in our wardrobe.

1. Classic Black Shades( in a frame that suits your face shape – wayfarer, cat eye, round, aviator). Pick a Branded one as this will be the most used pair.

2. Brown shades(preferably Leopard print frame to add some fun element)

3. Evening Shades

Of these, the one that I had a hard time picking up were the “evening shades”. Evening shades are worn when its not sunny, mostly around the time of setting Sun or Evenings or when it is cloudy – when your classic black shades look over done.

After trying out multiple tints likes Yellow, Blue, Red and Pink, I finally found the one that suit my skin tone. Yellow looked washed out on my face and Blue was too much of a contrast on my skin tone. Pink worked best for me.

Finally, I got these ones from LuluandSky. They are light weight and have a plastic frame and are perfect for evenings when I cant wear my Black Sunnies.

Check out these pictures and let me know your views in the comments below.


LookCeleb-PinkShades1 LookCeleb-PinkShades3 LookCeleb-PinkShades10



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