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1 Sep

What I Wore in Italy


Ciao guys :)

I am super excited to write this post as it is about our vacation to Italy :).

We have just returned to Bombay with a good European tan and lots n lots of lovely memories.

I had prior booked AirBnBs in all the cities we were visiting and finalized outfits for each day we spent there. I wanted all my pictures to look perfect which is why I started planning way in advance :) . We visited Milan, Florence, Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Rome and Venice. Of all, Florence has been my favorite followed by Venice :) .

For my outfits, I shopped from ZARA, ASOS and Vero Moda and focused only on picking lot of colors :) .

I will be soon posting about the entire trip as well with all the details like AirBnBs we stayed and tourist places we visited. But for now, a small post on outfits that I wore in Italy.

Since the the time I started reading about fashion and its history, Italy has always been a location I wanted to visit, specially Milan. Italians are considered the trail blazers when it comes to style and aesthetics. And my visit to the country definitely confirmed that they have mastered the art of style and dressing. Their sense of style is not just limited to clothing but also the way they decorate their homes and shops. I have definitely returned much more inspired and a-lot more in love with Italy.

OK, lets not deviate. For now, I will let this post be about outfits only :) .

While picking outfits, I wanted to incorporate a-lot of colors as Summer is all about bright colors. For Shoes, I packed a Slip on pair, Flatforms and Closed toe shoes, all flats knowing that we had a lot of walking to do. I just carried a leather back pack as you are supposed to carry your passport all the time. Holding a backpack is easy as it leaves your hands free.

I ordered a few dresses from ASOS and loved them absolutely. The only drawback with ASOS is you have to pay huge amounts in Custom duty. They definitely have a huge collection but their delivery in India comes along with Custom duty charges.

I packed multiple pairs of sunglasses as they are a very important accessory in Summer and they instantly add an edge to the over all look.

That is all for now guys :) . More posts from Italy soon. Hope you enjoy reading. Grazie :)

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