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27 Jan

Ankle boots


I am on cloud 9 since yesterday. Ask why? And here is my long answer :) that’s because I finally got to buy the Ankle boots of my dreams. There was a specific style on my mind since more than a year. I checked countless ankle boots on countless different websites but nowhere could I find that perfect style, exactly as I was looking for.

Let me tell you why it was so difficult for me to find the perfect ankle boots. First and foremost, I wanted them in leather finish, with a slightly shiny texture, but not too much. They had to be pointed toes as the round toe style make my legs appear smaller. Plus, pointed toe gives an impression of longer legs. Also, I did not want to go for high heels neither I wanted anything flat. Flat ankle boots were not appealing as they lacked grace and sophistication. I wanted something in kitten heels. I wanted the boot to end right above my ankles. Anything above or below was again, not very flattering. So, by now you can understand why the search was so difficult. The list was too complicated and long and there was no brand that was doing anything even close to what I had on my mind. I was completely disappointed. I felt like I will never get the Ankle boots of my dreams :)

Last week, casually strolling through ZARA to exchange an item, I saw these ankle boots laying on the racks. The moment I saw them I knew I got the shoes I was searching for since infinity 😛 .  I grabbed them instantly and did a quick size check. And Bingo, it was my size :) All the requirements in my checklist were ticked :) . It was nice leather, little shiny, pointed toe and ends right above my ankles. I was even more surprised to see the price. I felt like I hit the jackpot.  I could not imagine how was that possible. Last very few days of ZARA sale left and there in the middle of it I get the Ankle boots of my dreams and that too within my budget. I would have happily paid more for these as they were exactly what I was looking for. I had spent so many days looking for the perfect ankle boots. Never imagined them to buy from last few items left in the ZARA Sale. If you have shopped at ZARA, you will completely understand what it is like to shop in the last few items left in ZARA sale. You get nothing in your size. But I think I just had a lucky day.

Anyway, so lets talk about these shoes now :) . They cost me Rs. 1100 and I have got them in size 37. I am generally a size 36 buyer but these were pointed toe hence I went for a size up. These are kitten heels hence very comfortable for long walks. The golden detail in the heels makes them look polished. The leather is soft from inside and the shoes literally snug my feet. Sleek, sharp and perfect fit, I am already imagining myself wearing them with so many of my wardrobe pieces.

Sharing a few pictures with you. My year long hunt for perfect Ankle boots comes to an end. Hope it helps you in getting your perfect shoes for your wardrobe. I am going to style these and share pictures in the upcoming posts. Thanks for stopping by :) .
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