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29 Oct

Lacy Blue


Finally! Some color on my website carousal! While browsing through my website I realized I have just been wearing Black, something with black or a shade of black and more black 😛 I admit I am a person who relies on black quite often but that was kind of becoming my comfort zone and I was, metaphorically speaking, becoming a lazy-ass. So, with so much of black surrounding me and my blog, I decided to pull out some colors from my wardrobe and paint my website with them :) Hope you like my next few posts which will be anything but black :D.

The outfit that I am wearing in these pictures looks like a dress but is a romper. When I picked it up from the racks at ZARA, I thought it to be a dress, but when the legs got stuck in the trial room,  I made the sudden discovery 😛 . It was a romper and I am not a romper or a jumpsuit or a dungaree person. That’s because, though they are too easy to get in, every-time you have a Bio call you have to undress, literally completely. The thought of being naked outside your home makes me nervous and hence the dislike for the entire romper/jumpsuit/dungaree community. But the lace material and the rich blue color was so tempting that I thought of giving it a try. And the very next moment, my best friend was standing in the queue paying for it as my birthday present 😀 .

So here I am, dressed in this pretty romper matched with these black pointed toe ankle strap sandals. Though the outfit is party/event appropriate, I will wear it on vacations and weekends. Here are a few pictures guys clicked by my ever patient husband :) . Hope you like them. Stop by and comment :) .

lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress11lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress9lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress6 lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress5lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress12 lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress4 lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress3 lookceleb_zara_blue_lace_dress1


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