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16 Dec

Athleisure clothing


I am a huge fan of wearing joggers and loose t shirt at home. That is basically my weekend uniform :) . So, while the Athleisure trend is on the roll, I do not need an excuse to wear my gym clothes to parties & airports & every where else possible. Thank God, I can finally feel comfy and dressed up at the same time. I just make sure that I have styled them properly, either with a crop top or heels or something that stands out. If you are still wondering what is Athleisure clothing, it is wearing your gym/work out clothes outside the gym. Is’nt that amazing :)

The fashion industry is as much about casual clothing as it is about intricate designs and craftsmanship(talking about Milan & Paris here). You might say that Athleisure is not a real trend as that is how we usually dress at home but recently celebrities & fashionistas have taken comfy clothing to a next level. They are styling their gym clothes with sleek heels, polished bags, statement jackets & beautiful accessories. The rise of Adidas Stan Smiths & celebrities wearing joggers to events, parties & airports has given fire to this trend.

Few of the wardrobe pieces that can be used to create an Athleisure look are joggers, track pants, trainers, converse shoes, baseball cap and gym tops. Style them in a way to make it look more dressy rather that just wearing them as sports wear & you are good to rock this trend :)

Joggers : Bewakoof(Buy here)

Top : Zara

Shoes : Nike

Sunnies : H & M


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