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6 Oct

Denim on Denim


Denim on Denim, another popular fall trend for 2016, and it is so easy to recreate. Just pick up two denim pieces from your wardrobe and you are good to say you did #denimondenim :) The typical combos to create a Denim on Denim look are denim skirt with a chambray top, denim bottoms like culottes or jeans and denim jacket or a shirt. It is a no brainers trend with minimum effort but looks so chic and edgy :)

It is a spring 2014 trend, seems like it is not fading any time soon :) Thanks for reading guys :) have a great day.

Jacket : ONLY

Denim : ONLY

Sandals : Rocky S

LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket1 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket2 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket3 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket4 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket5LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket16 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket15 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket13 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket11 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket10 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket7 LookCeleb_DistressedDenimJacket12





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