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10 May

My Love – Givenchy Antigona


A bag has the power to make or break an outfit. Imagine yourself wearing a crisp white shirt on freshly washed & Ironed Denims & carrying a low quality sagging bag. All your efforts to put up a perfect look go in vain. The same goes with the footwear as well. A nice structured bag and well fitted clean footwear complete your look and add that extra polish to your over all personality.

A fashionable woman will have a very few bags in her wardrobe but these will be quality bags, will last long and will have a well defined structure and shape to it. They will be multipurpose and will go well with the majority of her wardrobe pieces.

I am sure by now it is clear that we are talking Bags today :) . My love for structured bags started a few years back when I got my first hand bag from Holi. It is a popular hand bag brand in India and is known for its ethnic designs and good leather. It was an expensive gift from my husband which I would have never bought myself looking at the price tag. As I started carrying it to work I noticed that everyone around me was noticing the bag. Everyday the bag would fetch me a lot of compliments. It lasted for two years and was still without a scratch even though I used it roughly. The worth that came out of the bag was a lot more than what I paid for it. And this was a moment of enlightenment for me 😛 . I realized that good bags are an investment and can last for years if proper care is taken.

I also realized that by carrying an expensive bag on my shoulder I never felt the urge to binge buy bags from the local market. Good leather never tears off and once you are bored of the bag you can preserve it in your wardrobe and use it few years later. Trust me, they do last :) .

With all this in mind, I recently purchased Givenchy Antigona look alike in goat skin and tan color. During a recent visit to Goa, I came across a store that sells look alike of Designer hand bags. The moment I saw Givenchy Antigona I was sure of buying it. Though there were many more options of designer bags’ look alikes but this one was surely standing out. I was looking at a bag that I can carry to work as well as use over weekend for outings with friends and family. It is spacious and sturdy and has a very unique shape to it. The leather is pebbled and the bag has a sling as well as shoulder straps. I am absolutely in love with it and have been using it everyday ever since. It cost me a thousand bucks which is an absolute value for money to me.

The crux of this entire post is, Ladies, be wise when buying hand bags. Save to buy better ones rather than buying many but low quality bags. Look at buying bags that retain shape when kept on the table. Look for neutral colors like tan, nude, blush,black or brown.

After all, bags are a lady’s priciest possession :) after diamonds 😛 , right?

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