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9 May

Exaggerated sleeves – Will you give this trend a try


So basically Designers have exhausted every outfit detail that they could work on to create a trend. They have played well with hemlines, necklines, shoulder, high waist & low waist, while  the trend meter has to keep running  to satisfy our thirst for something new. This brings with it few styles that do not look practical enough in real life though they look super cool on the ramp.

Exaggerated or Extra long sleeves that touch your knuckles are the new in thing. The only prerequisite to wearing these is that it should fit well at your shoulders or you might look like an over sized kid fooling around in his mom’s clothes.

The trend was first seen on the autumn/winter 2015 catwalks of Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and The Row. The amplified sleeves come with a few extra inches, stretching them to your knuckles or sometimes even running right past the fingertips. The Street stylists were quick to pick up making it a major trend of the season.

This one isn’t the most practical, but you could keep them long when running between meetings or to the corner store and roll them up as you start using your real hands :) . Though I see a few benefits of having extra long sleeves like you could avoid a handshake or hide a snack :) . But I suggest to keep your beau close, you might need him ‘Handy’ 😛 .

As for me, I am happy with the way my sleeves are and may give this trend a try only when it gets chilly.

Get some inspiration for this really cool trend and let us know in the comments below what you think about these sleeves.

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