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21 Apr

Spring’s biggest Shoe trend – Mules

LookCeleb_Chloe1Mules 2

Call them Backless or Sliders or Mules, these are the biggest Spring Shoe trend.

Once a wardrobe staple of the 90’s, Mules have come back like never before. And this time they are more Sleek, Sharp, Leather based, Architectural,  Embellished and above all Flattering. It feels New :)

In between 1990 to 2015, ladies who wore Mules were called old fashioned. I remember my Mother buying Mules year after year as they are undoubtedly comfortable and easy to slip your feet in and start Clunking(Pun intended).  I always looked at Mules as something worn by elderly women only.

With a sudden surge of Designers taking inspiration from the 90’s, Mules are back here and with so many renditions that you cannot call yourself fashionable if you have no Mules in your shoe rack.

Just a heads up to wearing these shoes, opt for a size that just touches the ends of your heels. A fashion blunder would be your heels hanging out of the back of your Mules.

Let’s just get right to looking at a few masterpieces that can inspire us to give this trend a try.

LookCeleb_ChloeMules 1
LookCeleb_GucciMules 3 LookCeleb_GucciMules 4
LookCeleb_PhillipLimMules 5 LookCeleb_Mules11LookCeleb_CelineMules 6LookCeleb_GucciMules 8

A little History

High heeled mules were a popular shoe style in 18th Century. By the early 20th century mules were often associated with Prostitutes.

Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe style in early 1950’s and helped break its poor reputation.

Mules saw an emergence in 1990’s specially in its open toed form and became a wardrobe essential for women of that time.



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