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19 Dec

Amp up your look with the Third piece rule


There is just one extra step from looking good to looking great and it is by following the Third Piece Rule. The rule says that by adding a third piece to your look you look more put together and complete. If your Shirt and Denim are the first and the second piece of your outfit, the third piece can be anything that brings your entire look together. It can be a Leather Jacket, or a Skinny neck scarf, a Cape, a belt, a Hat, a Cardigan or any Statement accessory.

It is a simple and easy to follow rule that finishes your entire look and makes you look more polished. It says that you are not just dressed casually but you have put in effort in it.

It is one Golden rule of Fashion that never disappoints you. So go on and read ahead on how to style your outfits with a Third piece.

Skinny neck scarves and Bandanna come in handy when looking for a third piece. Invest in some shades of Black, Red or Blue and use them in these chic ways.

LookCeleb-BandanaNeckScarf2 LookCelebBandanaNeckScarf1 LookCeleb_bandanaNeckScarf LookCeleb - Skinny neck scarf

Moto Jackets and Bomber Jackets are another universal piece of clothing that can work as amazing third pieces

Style Moto Jackets on Skirts LookCeleb - Moto Jacket LookCeleb - Moto Jacket1

A Cape is the favorite Third piece of our Celebrities this Season

LookCeleb-capes LookCeleb-capes1 LookCeleb-capes2

Use caps as a Third piece to add fun to your dressing

LookCeleb-FedoraHat12jpg LookCelebfedora-hat LookCeleb-BaseballCaps

A statement Necklace as a Third Piece

LookCeleb-StatementNecklace LookCeleb-StatementNecklace2

A statement Belt as a Third Piece

LookCeleb-StatementBeltsOnSarees1 LookCeleb-StatementBelts1 LookCeleb-StatementBelts

A plaid or a Denim shirt – use it as a third piece by tying it around your waistLookCeleb-PlaidShirt LookCeleb-PlaidShirt1

So dress Classy when you step out of home next :)




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    Why are they called “bomber jackets”?

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