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24 Nov

I love Moto Jackets :)


Fall is the best time to talk about Moto Jackets and here comes my post on one of my most favorite Closet pieces.

Ask a fashionista about what her Basic wardrobe pieces are. A Moto Jacket will surely make it to the top of her list.

It is such a universal piece that it easily goes with Denims, Skirts and Slip Dresses. If there is one answer to solving “what should I wear today” problem, it is “Start with the Moto Jacket”. Whether you are a Biker Chic or a Boho Love, Moto Jackets will still make sense to you to invest your money in.

Go for a Black Leather Moto Jacket for a long term relationship with this ever green trend or you can buy some seasonal pieces that will keep you warm in a very edgy way plus will help you keep pace with the ongoing seasonal trends.

Edgy Classy Pretty Preppy or Sophisticated, whatever your style is, a Moto Jacket is something we all desire to have. It is one of those pieces that you never get bored of.

This classic piece needs no further justification as to why it makes a wardrobe essential so lets just get down to know some trendy styles for this season.

Classic Moto Jackets designs for Fall 2015

Moto Jacket and Sneakers main.original.640x0c main Leather-Moto-Jackets-2014-For-Women-5 classic piece Classic pick Classic Moto

A Peplum twist

Peplum Moto Jacket

Moto in some Shades of Neutral

Moto in Camel shade Lighter shades in Moto Jackets

Leather Biker Jacket in Red

KENZEE - BS1513381_275x430

Crop it up

Cropped Moto with check scarf

Floral coral

Moto and Crop love Moto in Floral color

Moto Jacket with Boho vibes to it

Boho Moto Love
Some shades of Khaki

MIlitary green Moto Jacket

Push it up a little bit with some Embellishments on your Moto jacket

Embellished Moto black-leather-biker-jacket-street-style

Style your Moto Jackets with a slip dress

Slip-dresses-moto-jackets-could-coolest-way-wear Slip dress and Moto Jackets slipdress Floral dress and Moto Jacket

Pair a patterned skirt with a Graphic top and complete it with a Black Leather Moto Jacket

Moto Jacket on a patterned Skirt and Graphic top


So ladies do you too Love to have some Moto elements in you wardrobe like I do? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and Peace till my next post :)


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  • neha

    I love these jackets :). Great compilation!!

    February 16, 2016 at 7:33 am Reply

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