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26 Oct

Pep up in a Peplum dress


If you have heard about this trend or not I am pretty sure you will love this style. After all who does not wish to look sophisticated and put up but with minimal efforts. I am talking about a very popular and long running Trend that has been every lady’s favourite – Peplum tops, dresses and Skirts.

A Peplum is a single ruffle of fabric that flares from the waist or the hip and sits over the rest of an outfit like a tiny skirt. Peplums can be attached to the bottom of blouses and jackets, to the top of skirts, or dresses.

Peplum dresses were introduced back in Trends in Spring Summer 2011 when Jil Sander sent her army down the runway in long sweeping skirts and hints of Peplum added to the tops. The style is popular as the piece of Ruffle sits on the waist like a Wasppie and thus gives an illusion of a smaller waistline. The ruffle around the waist gives a feminine touch and a sleek sophistication and suits any body type. There is something sexy about a Peplum dress that gives an instant glamour to the bearer. Peplum dresses are perfect party dresses, fit for office use, perfect date dress and perfect for a night in the town.

If you are rolling your eyes on why endorse this slowly fading trend then continue reading. Peplum is one of those Trends that are wardrobe essentials like Skinny Denims are. Peplum tops, dresses or Skirts are kept as Wardrobe Classics as whatever the occasion they tend to lift the personality and give a lady like elegance. Your admirers will not check the trends book when they see you beaming around gorgeously in a Peplum dress.

There are many variants of a Peplum dress. For those having a slimmer waistline opt for one having Ruffle starting at the waist and flowing down to the hips. This highlights the slim waistline. For those having a fuller waist, the ruffle should start at Midrif and sit on the hip. This hides the protruding part of the waist but still adds the needed curves.

How to choose a Peplum dress – A Peplum top/dress should be well fitted at the chest for the Ruffle to flow smoothly down the hips. Choose a dark color top with a lighter bottom for a Slimmer look. If you are petite, Choose a lighter shade of a Peplum top matched with a Contrasting bottom.

Peplum tops can be worn with Skinny Denims or Pencil Trousers. They also go well with Pencil skirts. Match them with anything in heels and least possible accessories and you are good to Step out exuding style and Sophistication. You can experiment with keeping your hair either tied in a Bun or a Pony. When it comes to matching a bag with Peplum dresses – nothing works wonders like a Clutch.


Miranda Kerr in Peter Pilotto’s Spring 2012 collection

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It is a 2012 Fashion trend that has been in Love Hate relationship with Fashionistas. It has made its way till 2015 as Fashion designers kept inventing different versions of Peplum suiting all body types.

The latest version of Peplum is more understated with its ruffle. It is Less of a true waist-defining Peplum. Today’s Peplum sits a bit lower on the hip and flows into a loose ruffle as opposed to the earlier defined structured frill.


The latest version of Peplum is more understated with its ruffle.


The latest version of Peplum is more understated with its ruffle.


Peplum for Fall clothing – Peplum Jackets are ideal for Autumn clothing. They can be worn over inner layers with skinny bottoms and Stilettos. Unlike Spring Peplum dresses that are in cotton or linen and have little shape, Fall Peplum dresses should be more Structured and should have shape definition. Wear it underneath Blazers or Jackets and Pair them with Ankle Boots.


A little history to update you on its origin – Peplums date their history back to 1850’s when they were worn over corsets and full skirts. They made a resurgence in 1930’s and 40’s on Dresses and Jackets with Strong Shoulders. In 1980’s the shoulders on Peplum Jackets became even wider when Princess Diana wore it to Royal Ascot in Victorian style. The Peplums got a new aggressive face in 2011 when they were worn over tight fitting Skirts. Since then several versions of Peplums have been seen and loved by our Fashionistas.

Check out these celebrities in peplum dresses and add this classic piece to your closet. Let me know in the comments below how do you like this lady like trend.




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