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15 Oct

Quick tips for a perfect picture


Being photogenic is something every fashionista yearns for. We click pictures all day long, we click them at work, in washrooms, in trains, on trips,at outings with friends and family. We click 10 pictures for the same shot. But why is it that only one out of these ten pictures is worth sharing. Why is it that something or the other is wrong with 9 of these pictures?
So I googled a bit, not a bit actually but a lot and learnt a few tips on posing for pictures and how to get that perfect shot in a few takes. What is a perfect shot? A perfect shot is the one that accentuates my strong features and hides my imperfections. I might be sounding too conscious of my looks but there is a lot of science involved in getting beautiful pictures. It’s not easy. You have to know a lot about yourself, lights, angles, surroundings, what you are wearing, your jawline, your eyes etc etc. So lets begin with a few quick tips that can be learnt easily and can get us 8 out of those 10 pictures perfect

1. First and foremost is Creating your own power pose. This is well practiced pose at home and shows the best of your assets. Use it as a Go to pose when nothing strikes.

2. Remember, you don’t always need to throw a big smile. Show some variety in your emotions. Try it in front of the mirror.


3. Know your good side – discover the good side of your face and your body and pose into that only.


4. Squinch – Apparently the latest trick to getting the most photogenic and sharp pictures is squinching. Yes I know it is no word in the dictionary. It is Squint and pinch joined together to get Squinch.


So to Squinch, tighten your lower eye lid and let the top one drop. Celebrities around the world have been Squinching in their pictures to pose on red carpets, during events and in Selfies. Squinching gives a strong and a mysterious look that is so different from getting the regular smiling picture. Practice it at home first with a good eye make up to get that perfect shot in your next picture.

Check out this video to learn how to Squinch and get that Modelisque shot in your next selfie.

5. Put one or both your hands on your waist. This is to create a negative space between your body and your arms. It also enhances the line up to the face. Do not leave your hands on your sides as it hides the contours of your body and makes your waist look wider.


6. Pull back your shoulders – do not hunch over. With your shoulders pulled back you will look more confident plus it will elongate your neck.

7. Don’t stand with your feet apart and weight balanced on both. Create a narrower base by keeping your feet crossed or close to each other. The narrower base creates an hour glass figure look.
Nail a strong pose by putting your weight on your back foot. This is a Perfect pose for a Skirt with a side slit. Show off your toned legs and get that perfect shot.

5 81

8. Make sure to breath before taking a picture. This relaxes your facial muscles and eases the tension.
Your eyes are the key. Look down after every shot to relax your eyes. Don’t continuously look at the camera. It strains your eyes and they don’t look relaxed. Give a soft gaze to the camera. Holding a pose and keeping your eyes engaged is difficult. So close your eyes and then open them. Look away, then look back to the camera.

9. Don’t tense up your forehead.

10. Don’t force or fake a smile. Smile naturally. Relax your lips before smiling. This helps in smiling softly and naturally.

11. Don’t hold onto a pose. Keep changing it. Change it in a subtle way. Like moving the shoulder a little bit, shifting the angle of your face, changing the placement of your hands, bending over slightly to show some curves. Don’t change your pose dramatically. It’s more like a flow or a transition.

12. Leave your hands and fingers relaxed. Don’t keep your fingers stiff or clamped. Let them be soft on your hips or side of your body. Hands can make or break a perfect photo.

2 Pictures-Cara-Delevingne-Modelling-Topshop

13. Do not over rotate your eyes. Always follow the line of your nose to keep the sight central. This avoids showing too much white of your eyes. This picture will demonstrate my point. The first picture shows too much of white where as the second looks balanced.


14. Keep the Jawline stronger and sharper.

15. Background – Check out for backgrounds before taking pictures. The background should not distract from you. Take a look at what is behind you. Look out for clear and neutral backgrounds. Try to find out background contrasting your clothes.

16. What you are wearing – Wear a color that flatters you. Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled.

17. Have a basic understanding of the light. See if you or a part of you is coming under a shadow giving a darker picture. Look for natural light resources for better pictures. Find a spot that lights up your full height.

By following these few basic tips you can get that perfect shot in a very few clicks.

So girls, get your game on and give that sharp gaze to the camera when you pose next.

Let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful.



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