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October 2015

30 Oct

Chunky Knits

Knits are big this Fall. Cosy, Comfy and Chunky Knits is whats makes my Winters the best time to feel fashionable and be a style icon for my friends and Colleagues. I never imagined Knits to have such a variety. You can not just have a Knitted Sweater but a Knitted scarf, Caps, Dresses, Crop tops and Knitted Co-ord Sets as well that will instantly make you fall in Love with...
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26 Oct

Pep up in a Peplum dress

If you have heard about this trend or not I am pretty sure you will love this style. After all who does not wish to look sophisticated and put up but with minimal efforts. I am talking about a very popular and long running Trend that has been every lady's favourite - Peplum tops, dresses and Skirts. A Peplum is a single ruffle of fabric that flares from the waist or the...
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15 Oct

Quick tips for a perfect picture

Being photogenic is something every fashionista yearns for. We click pictures all day long, we click them at work, in washrooms, in trains, on trips,at outings with friends and family. We click 10 pictures for the same shot. But why is it that only one out of these ten pictures is worth sharing. Why is it that something or the other is wrong with 9 of these pictures? So I googled a...
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7 Oct

Be a Valentino girl

Fashion Trends change with seasons but there are few that stay and become increasingly popular with time. Valentino Rock Stud sandals are a real testimony to this. The sandals were First introduced on Valentino Fall Winter 2010 runway and have been since then climbing the trends chart. The models parading down the runway wore Leather Ruffled sets and strut down in these sleek shoes that were embellished with Metal studs. The sandals come in flats, kitten heels...
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4 Oct

Bandana neck scarf

If your wardrobe consists mainly of Denims and T-shirts you can still afford to look Chic and Classy with a simple accessory: the Bandana scarf. Hung around the neck in a simple loop, the scarf adds a hint of Charm to your personality. You can either opt for a silk or a cotton Bandana and leave it loosely around your neck. Fashionistas across the world are trading their statement necklaces for this simple and...
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2 Oct

Shirt dress

To be honest, I have been meaning to write a Shirt dress post since weeks. But as I had too many things on my mind, somehow the idea to write about this apparel took a back seat and slowly went to the older pages of my note book. But a recent purchase of a shirt dress from ZARA made me realize how I forgot to write about this super sporty and...
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