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24 Sep

A cool way to wear your coat


Winter is approaching! Time to stack your wardrobe with Full sleeves shirts, Coats, Jackets, Woolen Scarves, Trench coats and a lot of Ankle boots.

While we are in transition of the seasons there has to be a piece that can get us through the warm days as well as the cold nights until harsh winter arrives. And there is no better way to find out such a piece than to look up to our Celebrities.

Apparently there is a new and alot more cooler way to wear your coat slash jacket slash Boyfriend Shirt. Hang it on your shoulders SANS sleeves. Great to keep you warm during the day and quick to slip your hands in the sleeves during night. You also get the privilege to show off the inner layer of your look. Your next thought must be how to make the jacket stay on your shoulders without slipping. Let me help you with a few tips.

Wear them only while in transit like walking from home to office or running for a cup of coffee or lunch or running to a near by meeting. Wear them only when you expect least movement of your hands.

Tie your hair up as open hair will only favour the coat slipping off.

Carry a clutch instead of a shoulder bag. Remember, your shoulders are holding the coat.

And last but not the least, Its all about balancing it perfectly.

Being fashionable is not easy. But anything for a nice compliment, right.

Enjoy these pictures and try out this new obsession of our favorite celebrities.


Over the shoulder Formal coat


Over the shoulder Boyfriend shirt


Over the shoulder Moto Jacket

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