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18 Sep

70’s trend – The A line buttoned Denim skirt

studded-hearts-70s-trend-button-front-skirt-stella-mccartney-spring-summer-2010 (1)

70’s has wooed us over and over again. The return of Denim front button A line Skirt is the witness to this eternal Love. The skirt used to be 1970’s rage that has come back in trends again. It hugs the body at the right places and gives ample of space for leg movement. The bold buttons add a fancy touch to the otherwise plane Denim front. You can ditch your denims during summers for these as they can be worn for a formal as well as a casual outing. Pair them with a casual Tee and Sneakers for a laid back look or with a Pussy bow or a ruffle top with Ankle Strap sandals for a more formal dress up.

The term “A line” was first used by the French Couture designer Christian Dior for his Spring 1955 collection. The collection immediately became the most desired silhouette in Paris with A line coming in Coats, Dresses and Skirts. The Trend came back in 1970’s again but disappeared soon to come back again in early 2000.

Check out these celebrities pulling off this style in different ways. What is your favorite way of styling these skirts? Let me know in the comments below. 0d18e05ec5eecb82ed01d7955bc16776 1d025f0dd7f217f58ef733287f5af8f1 7a6a82d38dfb8b0e86ce27f5bd4cd458 (1) 54b47c1e99f16_-_hbz-alexa-chung-ag-jeans-promo Denim-On-Denim-Womens-Trendy-Styles-2015-2016-7 f1d91d2605d5e92820269efc1d7089ee Look+for+less-+Olivia+Palermo+denim+skirt




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