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16 Aug

Chloe Drew Bag


I am currently obsessed with and when I say obsessed I mean insanely obsessed, is the Chloe Drew Cross body bag that I see everyone carrying around. Every Fashion Editor, Blogger, Model and Celebrity is seen walking around carrying it. The bag comes in different colours and has a alot of Gold Metallic Hardware. The round shape and the Sophistication that comes with the Gold Chain is to Die for. It is that Bag Moment of the century that comes and stays for really really long.

Closest Match to the Chloe Drew Cross Body bag are the Messenger bags from Zara. I have given the links below. I have bought the one in Tan colour with Metallic Gold Hardware and I love it so much that I am almost like sleeping with it.

Waiting for it to come in Stores in a Price range that is easily affordable. Till them Shop for a Look Alike at

Zara Messenger Bag

Zara Messenger bag with Metallic Hardware

Zara Messenger Oval Bag


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